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Anonymous: Re: your "rule about naked people" -- How about people who take nude photos of themselves not be stupid and use storage devices that can be hacked, like cloud storage (or take any risks close to that)? Just HOW much personal responsibility does your generation need to shed before you get it through your thick skulls that it only costs $20 for a decent external hard drive these days? :|


"The lock on your diary wasn’t very good, so it’s your fault I read your diary."

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Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly.

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zach never failing to look incredibly attractive while up for eviction

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"My best day had to be the day after I wrapped Guardians of the Galaxy. I was very homesick and coming home to my wife, and my home, and to my son, who was at the time 13 months old. My wife told me there’s a chance he won’t recognize you—but that’s okay that happens all the time. He doesn’t know, he might be a little shy…"

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Don’t Be That Guy.

Great campaign! Great point!

signal boosting the shit out of this

you can never NOT reblog this

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